Company Info

Company Info


Gracious Vanijya Limited was incorporated as a public limited company under the Companies Act, 1956, on 02nd September, 1982 with an authorized capital of Rs 25,00,000/- and a paid up capital of Rs.700/-. Company had come with IPO of 2,39,930 Equity Shares out of which 89,930 Equity Shares were agreed to be allotted to Promoters, Directors, their friends and associates and 1,50,000 Equity Shares were offered to public for subscription in the year of 1983 and at present 22,84,200 Equity Shares are listed in Calcutta Stock Exchange Limited (CSE) & Metropolitan Stock Exchange (MSE).

Main Object

  1. To carry on business of manufacturers, dealers, importers, exporters commission agents or otherwise of iron founders, mechanical engineers and agricultural implements and other machinery, manufacturers, tools, makers, brass founders, metal workers, boiler makers, mill wrights, machinists, iron & steel converters, smith, wood workers, builders, painter, metallurgists, electrical engineer, water supply engineers, gas makers, farmers, printers, carriers and merchants.
  2. To construct, purchase and sale or otherwise acquire, purchase on auction , hire, lease or advance and loan money on or arrange loan or mortgage of any buildings, houses bungalows, factories, trade premises plant, machinery, public buildings, lands farms. Or any other kind of asset, estate or property (moveable or immoveable) rights or things in auction.
  3. To carry on the business of an investment company and to invest in acquire, sell, transfer, subscribe for hold and otherwise deal in and invest in any shares, bonds, stocks, obligations issued or guaranteed by any company or companies constituted and carrying on business in india or elsewhere and debentures, debentures-stocks, bonds, obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by any Government, State, sovereign commissioners central or otherwise whether in india or elsewhere and to promote, from or acquire any company and to take, purchase or acquire shares or interest in any company and to transfer to any such company and property of this company either out of its own funds or out of funds that it might borrow.
  4. To act as investors, guarantors, underwriters, financiers and to lend or deal with money either with or without interest or security including in current or deposit account with any bank or banks, other person or persons upon such terms and conditions as the company may approve. Provided the company shall not do any banking business as defined under the Banking Regulations act 1949 and to carry on the business of financial industrial enterprises.

Present Business:

Wholesale Trading of various products.